Why Aren’t You Watching American Gods – Early Edition

Normally I would wait to write this until the first season or at least the first few episodes happened…but now as Starz launches American Gods, the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, I can tell you to go and watch this series. Yes there is one episode but it is definitely worth the watch!

  • It’s Based Off A Neil Gaiman Novel
    • I am a huge Gaiman fan. He’s written many novels and even some television, including two episodes of Doctor Who (One of which was fantastic). So if you, like me, love Gaiman you’ll be happy with this series.
  • It’s Developed & Written By Bryan Fuller
    • I am also a huge Bryan Fuller fan. Have you ever heard of Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, or Hannibal? If not, get on that and watch all of all of them. If you have, you most likely full in love with his quirky comedy and fantastic story telling.
  • It’s (so far) A Faithful Adaptation 
    • The first episode is covers the first 3 chapters of the novel. Playing a little with placement, a few things dropped (possibly) and missing a certain “reveal” that we’re sure to get in the next episode, but overall it’s great to see the events unfold on screen.
  • It’s Already SUPER Weird
  • It’s Bloody As Hell

American Gods airs Sundays on STARZ

*webms taken from Thrillist*