Into The Badlands – Why Aren’t You Watching

As we continue to fully process this years E3, I decided to take a day and relax with a series that has been sitting on my harddrive for months now. That series is AMC’s Into The Badlands…and HOLY FUCK this show is awesome!

What comes to mind when you think of AMC original series? You think of some of the best dramas of the last decade, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, any of their series that aren’t The Walking Dead. Into The Badlands adds to this by not only being a decent drama, but also having some of the most entertaining combat scenes outside of Marvel’s Daredevil. We are given a dystopian future where guns are outlawed (TOPICAL) and everyone trains in close quarters combat. Ruled by Baron’s or out in the world on your own with no protection. With a second series on the way, and only 6 episode in its first, what is stopping you from making your way through this fantastic adventure? Have I not sold you on it? Ok, how about you just watch the first fight scene of the series.

Swords, fists, a kid with some weird mystical blood magic infused within him…what doesn’t this show have? Check out Into The Badlands now through Apple, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video! Into The Badlands season 2 premieres 2017 (so you have some time to catch up)