Doctor Who Is Coming! – Trailer Splosion


Just a month out from it’s start, we have a full trailer for Doctor Who Series 10. This season will be the last we see of Peter Capaldi‘s take on the most famous Time Lord of them all (Aside from TimeLordBurrito of course) and the first for newcomer companion Bill (Pearl Mackie). Most importantly for some, this is the last season for current showrunner, Steven Moffat before we get our first season by the upcoming showrunner, Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch).

Really though, we just want to see what new and returning aliens/monsters are coming! So let’s make a quick list of what we see!

  • Daleks (Duh)
  • Repurposed Hand-bots now with Emoji?
  • Giant Squid?
  • Creepy girl/woman saying EXTERMINATE while drenched in some liquid? (Possible new Dalek evolution)
  • Burn victims? Maybe something Pyrovile-y?
  • MISSY!!!
  • Creepy wood women
  • Cybermen…and not just the usual Cybermen, Mondasian Cybermen!
  • A new Ice Warrior? Or maybe a new version of the Sea Devils
  • Sentient Water?

Who knows if this is everything and it’s definitely not all right. Are you ready for Capaldi’s last hurrah? Or are you just ready for Moffat to be gone? Let us know!

Doctor Who Series 10 premieres April 15th