Introducing The Nintendo Switch

Ditching the NX for the Switch, Nintendo finally lets us in on their newest console. You’ll be able to see how we feel on next week’s Space Time Talko, but for now here are the facts:

  • The Switch is both a portable and home console
  • It uses Cartridges
  • It will NOT support 3DS Cartridges or Wii U Discs1


  • The system (as far as we can tell from the trailer and information Nintendo has provided) consists of:
    • A Hub Station
      • Used to connect to television and charge
      • Images show what look like 2 USB ports
    • The Main Device Screen 
      • Tablet like device (Touchscreen not confirmed)
      • Controllers that slide / click into place on both sides (Dubbed Joy-Con controllers)
      • Includes Cartridge slot and Headphone jack (No info on other ports)


  • Multiple controller options (No information of what will be included with the base system)
    • The Joy-Con L/R attached to the main screen – Very similar to the Wii U gamepad
    • The Joy-Con Grip – The Basic Switch Controller that utilizes the detachable Joy-Con L/R with the standard hand grips (similar to…well most consoles since the original Playstation)
    • Switch Pro Controller – The next generation of the Wii/Wii U Pro Controller
    • Individual Joy-Con – Used as a single controller with four buttons and a single thumbstick (triggers / bumpers not detailed)
  • Nintendo Switch Titles
    • Confirmed
      • Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
      • Untitled Mario Title
      • Mario Kart “Switch”
      • Splatoon “Switch”
      • Just Dance 2017
      • Untitled 2017 Sonic Game
      • Dragon Quest X
      • Dragon Quest XI
      • Steamworld Heist
    • Rumored
      • Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Seen in trailer, but Bethesda has not confirmed the title)
      • NBA 2K (Seen in trailer, no game confirmation)
  • Confirmed Developer Partnerscvokok-ukaat3bc

We will continue to update as Nintendo slowly details the Switch, so be sure to follow Space Time Taco for all your Nintendo Switch.