Late To The Game – Costume Quest 2

image   During Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Sale, I picked up a few titles I had been holding off on. Of the games I’ve purchased, Costume Quest 2 stood out to me the most. I never beat the first in the series, but I enjoyed the gameplay costumequest21007-610and the usual Double Fine humor, and from what I can tell the only connection to the sequel are the characters and the very beginning of the game. Costume Quest is built as an RPG, with a turn based battle system, similar to Pokemon or Final Fantasy. Instead of using regular attacks or trained monsters, you fight as the costume you’re currently wearing…well a super sized, powerful version (have you ever seen a skyscraper sized piece of candycorn?).

Directly after the events of Costume Quest, which are not mentioned or brought up in any way, you return to your neighborhood just before the Halloween block party. While you wait for things kick off, you happen to see the local dentist, Dr. Orel White, conspicuously lurking about. He meets with an odd clock-faced “wizard” and 8de273870db767746e1e767217774c2dc4ab1ec3.jpg__620x349_q85_crop_upscaledisappears into a time portal, only to return with…a stuffed doll with pins in it, and after pulling one of said pins from the doll monster start to appear around the neighborhood. Just as the main characters are about to spring into action their costumes and candy bags disappear. They then are called through a similar time portal to the future from a somehow familiar adult…basically without going into complete detail you are tasked with saving Halloween by traveling between the past and the future.

I played through the entire game in two sittings, and enjoyed every minute of it. The main game takes maybe 4-5 hours to finish, and with collectibles (One hidden costume and Creepy Treat Cards) I’d throw in an extra hour. There are also little easter eggs and hilarious time spanning jokes (I love the Bee & Puppycat “cameo”). Costume Quest 2 is available on Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, and PC (the PC edition also has some additional content in the form of additional costumes).cq

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