Late To The Game – Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare

MKTG_PvZ_E3_Screens_04PVZ: Garden Warfare has been out on Xbox One for over a year it and took EA letting everyone play it for free to get me to finally checking the game out…and man was I missing out. I had seen plenty of Let’s Plays of the game but nothing really drew me in, but once you actually get you hands on it you don’t want to stop. To be completely honest I only booted the game up to hit an achievement level I had been working towards, but after not paying attention and getting the wrong achievement putting me 10 gamerscore over my “desired” cap I gave the game a little more time. The game, as everyone is sure to have seen by now, has you play as either Plants or Zombies (very different from the defense driven game on mobile platforms). Each side has 4 different classes to choose from that you can customize with accessories “PURCHASED” at the Sticker Store. Now I say purchased, but it’s all in game currency that you are awarded for playing through the game itself, whether it’s from kills, heals, or even planting a peashooter it all adds up…

The easiest way to describe the game with doing it a decent bit of justice is calling it a Team Fortress 2 like game. Multiple game-types, that require tactical decisions based off of your selected class…and yes, filling your team with nothing but medics is STILL a bad idea. There’s something comedic about the slaughter of cartoon plants and zombies, and death animations are quite amusing (again TF2-Like). The main draw of the game is the online matchmaking, which is where I tend to stay. The game also offers a “Horde-Mode” in the form of Garden OPS, this can either be played with randoms or set to invite only so you can play by yourself (I do NOT recommend this) or with friends you can trust to cover your roots. Garden OPs has you defend a garden of your choice from waves of Zombies, varying from your run of the mill plain/cone-head zombies to the class based (Engineer/Scientist/etc), and includes BOSS ROUNDS where a random set of extra hard challenges are thrown at you. 81Q62itUBNL._SL1500_

Overall the game isn’t a super innovative idea, it’s just the next evolution in the Plants VS Zombies franchise…an FPS with a new skin, but that’s all that is really required. In a market filled with shooters, sometimes all it takes is less blood and bullets and more seeds and paint (I seriously need to play Splatoon…). Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is currently on Deals With Gold for $10, and it is worth every penny (It’s also free with an EA Access subscription). As always, Like and Follow Space Time Taco for all your gaming needs and maybe things you didn’t know you wanted!