Late To The Game – The Unfinished Swan

1080694789   Back when The Unfinished Swan title originally released I was between PS3s, but I had always wanted to play. It looked beautiful, and the gameplay was unlike anything I had played at the time, and to my shear delight it, along with 4 other brilliant tiles, was given away for free for PS+ members this month. I currently just finished the third chapter, and entering the final levels but I wanted to just talk about how incredible this game is. The Unfinished Swan should be described as a First Person Fairytale. You play as Monroe, a young boy who has lost his mother and only has a single unfinished painting (yes it’s the swan) to remember her by. You awake one evening to find the painting empty, and a door where there wasn’t a door before, as you enter this door you are surrounded by nothing but white. Now if you know anything about this game, you know that you use little paint splotches to help traverse the world in this game, and as someone who had wanted to play this game knew this detail…but I proceeded to look around confused, thinking the game was glitched. I eventually hit the triggers and the paint started flying and made my way into this wonder world.

Throughout the first two chapters of The Unfinished Swan I felt like this would be a great title for younger gamers, and I still feel that way for the most part…but then you have the third chapter. You enter the WOODS, which wouldn’t be to bad if not for the endless darkness…and the spiders. To avoid their attacks you have to jump between dimly lit spaces and eventually have to follow a little glowing ball to safety. Now in all honesty this isn’t too bad, but every once and awhile the sounds of the spiders come through the controller. Again this wouldn’t be TOO bad if I had known this was a thing…I did not know, so my controller ended up on the other side of the room. I may be a wimp when it comes to spiders, so experiences may vary so let’s get back to the game itself. The story is told through storybook pages “activated” by hitting glowing gold letters with paint. It’s a very sweet yet sad tale of a king and his very troubled life and the world he created, which you as Monroe are currently traversing. 1080694788

I, as of writing this, still have the final chapter to complete, but if played straight through it’s not too long of a game. The only “time consuming” element if finding all of the balloons scattered throughout the levels. These balloons are used to unlock different abilities (I waited to collect 30 balloons to unlock the paint hose which causes a steady stream of paint as opposed to the individual splotches you start off with) and more. I wholeheartedly recommend this game to everyone, it is definitely worth the $14.99 if you aren’t currently a PS+ member.

We at Space Time Taco grade games by 3 categories:Buy, Borrow, Burn. The Unfinished Swan is a digital only game, which fluxes with the setup a bit. Even with no other choice, I definitely say The Unfinished Swan is a Buy.

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