Late To The Game – Thomas Was Alone

Thomas_was_alone_screenshot   Thomas Was Alone had been sitting there collecting dust in my Steam Library for months, and then I went and bought it on my Xbox One (Because Achievements) which then sat for more months not being touched…TODAY I finally got around to playing it and my god is it an enjoyable game. This game is rather basic at first glance, you take control of Thomas, a red square who can fall…and later realizes he can also jump. As you progress through the game a story is told through the narrator, who not only keeps us on our way, but brings us into a much more philosophical mindset than expected when making shapes of varying size and color jump to their exit.

Thomas-Was-Alone-Screengrab-5   The game itself is pretty quick, I finished in one sitting (about 6-7 hours) and then went back through to finish up the last few achievements I missed. Speaking of achievements, this is one of the most enjoyable 1000 gamerscore I’ve ever gotten. Most of them are Story related, or from regular gameplay, ie; you get an achievement for both dying a whole lot, and jumping on Linda, the bounce-pad character. The more difficult/easy to miss achievements are attached to two glowing fragments found within two levels of each chapter, and they are SUPER easy to miss, I collected half of them through my first play through…but because there isn’t any indicator of which collectibles you’ve already gotten, this lead to me running through every level that contained said collectible and double checking (this only added about another 45mins, but still an annoyance). Either way if you’re looking for a good quick 1000GS or a great game, Thomas Was Alone is FANTASTIC and a definitely worth the money.


We at Space Time Taco grade games by 3 categories: Buy, Borrow, Burn. Thomas Was Alone is a digital only game, which fluxes with the setup a bit. Even with no other choice, I definitely say Thomas Was Alone is a Buy.

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