June 1, 2023

I need to make something clear. I absolutely adore the Call of Duty franchise. I’ve played every main installment since the first days that the first title landed on PC and I loved it and while some claim the franchise is going stale, I wait enthusiastically to see how CoD can surprise me again and again. Activision is slated to release a new Call of Duty each year so imagine my excitement when Infinity Ward’s turn came around and rumors began spreading that they were taking the Modern Warfare series in a fresh direction. Well, it’s here and I have to say I’m honestly not impressed. In the form of Infinite Warfare.

“If you hate Shipment you’re wrong!” – TimeLordBurrito

It’s not that I won’t love this game. It’s that this game will come with an $80 price point because of a forced add on that I didn’t ask for. In fact, I don’t believe anyone asked for it, at least not in its current form and that is a remaster of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Some of you are going to hate what I have to say next. Modern Warfare represents everything I hate about CoD. That’s right. The game that put Call of Duty on the map is the one that, in my opinion, is the least deserving of a remaster. Technically astounding, but mechanically broken, playing Modern Warfare was like driving a luxury car that had been outfitted with a lawnmower engine. Amongst the surge of squeakers and overly competitive stoners that still plague this franchise came poor design choices like the Noob Tube (grenade launcher) and this feeling that all guns in a particular class worked the same (assault rifles and sub-machine guns being the worst offenders). This is where quick scoping and cross-map-nade-kills were born and for me, it took everything I loved about this storied series and threw it in the trash.


Removing it from Infinite Warfare would be a win-win. Already, gamers everywhere are complaining about having to pay 80 bucks just to play a trimmed down remaster of the game they’ve been waiting for. Those, like myself, who want to leave Modern Warfare behind would be able to purchase Infinite Warfare at the standard 60 dollars. Activision, unfortunately, is never one to shy away from a money grab though so for now, we’re stuck with this package deal. Hopefully, given the recent outcry, they’ll see the error of their ways. For now, we wait until November.