Overwatch Unwraps Their First LGBTQ Hero For Christmas

Alongside their Winter Wonderland event, Overwatch released a Holiday themed comic. I have to say it contains some emotional little bits, but the biggest part is Blizzard finally making good on something they’ve mentioned a handful of times.

When asked about the topic Michael Chu, lead writer on Overwatch, responded:

We definitely haven’t forgotten about what we said. Like we said, it’s very important for us to have diversity and inclusiveness of all types, and that includes LGBT characters. There are definitely LGBT heroes [in Overwatch] — that’s multiple heroes.

It’s a decision that we make when we’re developing these heroes early on. We want the stories about characters relationships — and not just romantic, but familial relationships and stuff like that — to come out in the course of stories that we feel really do them justice. So, because of some of the stories that we’ve done so far, we haven’t really had any time to shed light on that.

But, that said, I can say that we do have a story coming up soon — and that’s not Blizzard(TM) soon, it’s actually soon — that will address this. And, just to reiterate, it’s something that absolutely is important to us.

Well know we finally have our first of, as he says, multiple LGBT heroes…and it’s not Zarya! It’s…


TRACER! That’s right, the face of Overwatch has a special redheaded someone waiting for her back home for Christmas. I don’t really know if/how this will affect the LGBTQ Gaming community, but I call it a win…I’m still holding out on Zarya (pretty sure Russia will love that). Now go enjoy a cute comic that just continues to add to the already fantastic world of Overwatch and Happy Holidays!