Playstation Meeting Wrap-up!

The Playstation Meeting in New York just ended…and it was a thing. so instead of hearing me blarg about it, her’es a nice list of information we’ve been given.

  • PS4 SLIMCrxgFkbW8AAd1n6

  • Releasing September 15th, 2016
  • Priced at $299 (USD)
  • There was more information given by the leaks than the actual event
  • PS4 PROCrxod7kWEAAkgrv

  • Releasing November 10th, 2016
  • Priced at $399
  • Will offer 4K resolution
  • Playstation VR will…run better?

  • All PS4 models will receive an HDR Compatibility update
  • Mass Effect Andromeda releasing early 2017*

And there you have it…Are you getting a new console? or are you holding out for the Scorpio next year?