TLB’s Top 5 – Green Game Characters

Every Tuesday I bring you a new Top 5 (In no particular order) from the world of Gaming & Entertainment. This week, in honor of St. Patricks Day, I’m listing my top 5 green characters in gaming.NSMBWii_Luigi

  • Luigi – IMGO the better of the Mario Bros, Luigi is taller, can jump further, busts ghosts, and (with me in control) is a much better racer. Recently celebrating an entire year dedicated to himself, Luigi will always be the best bro in Nintendo’s Universe. Luigi is currently kicking butt on Super Smash Bros for 3DS & Wii U, and now stealing stars in Mario Party 10.Yoshi
  • Yoshi – In all honesty I probably could have made an entire list of just Nintendo characters, but I stuck to the two most important. Yoshi has always been a lovable best friend when you’re in need, providing a little extra lift, speed, and sadly sacrificed many times by just missing that jump…With a few of his own adventures under his belt, and having to deal with a whiny baby Mario, it’s quite obvious why everyone love’s this little dino. We’ll hopefully get our hands on his newest adventure in Yoshi’s Wolly World (TBD).halo3
  • Master Chief – It may just be a suit, but when you see him come around the corner you know things are about to kick off. This Spartan will kick you off the side of a building and still manage to laser your face before you hit the ground…well if you’re an alien planning on killing off the human race that is. Master Chief has been with us, in the world of gaming, for the shortest period of time, but he is irreplaceable, and we have a few short months before we will hopefully get to experience his continuing journey in Halo 5 Guardians.200px-Link_Ocarina
  • Link – First off it’s a tunic not a dress, and this kid will wear it for the rest of his life. Not the most talkative guy in gaming, but definitely on of the most expressive, with a different grunt or shout for almost everything you do while defended the kingdom and saving your princess, who thank the lord isn’t in a different castle. Relive the adventures of Link in the recent HD release of Majora’s Mask for 3DS and  create new memories with *fingers crossed* Legend of Zelda Wii U coming in the near-ish future.b18c5b1b062bbcf2d296a7eb97cbbb40
  • Gex – Now you youngsters out there may not know this guy, but back in the days of Playstation alongside the likes of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, a slightly more mature face in animal based platform gaming existed. Gex the gecko jumped, spun, licked, and climbed his way through endless pop culture references as he hopped through dimensions within Television sets to defeat…some weird metal head guy. Was I too young to play this game as a kid, probably, but that didn’t stop me. It’s been a while since Gex’s last game and I hope someday to see him back on our consoles.

Check back next week for another of TimeLordBurrito’s Top 5 only on Space Time Taco, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!